Missions & Travel

For more information, email Narrow Gate at: mcouroyer@findnarrowgate.org ~ ask for an informational knowledge packet so that we can mail or deliver to you by email, or call 816-244-7985.

Check this site for future posts, as well as for opportunities to enjoin in service to Reservations, Disaster recovery sites, Rural depression regions, or on Sabbatical Excursions~Instructional and Contemplative.

All avocations can be accepted because of the need for a complete array of talent, from Tradesmen, Educators, Service workers and Care providers, to Pilots & Drivers, Medical personnel, Physicians & Dentists, Financial & Business Reps, Counselors, EMT’s, Farmers & Rural skills people.

Find Narrow Gate: Missions & Travel

  • Restore and Rebuild
  • Knowledge provider
  • Belief fortitude & endurance
  • Truth finder~remove the ambiguity
  • Restoration of the Name coast to coast, and from gulf to border