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From: Michael Couroyer of Narrow Gate

Thank you for your encouraging reply & query for qualifying information. We do have several affiliate missions among the Lakota people, of whom we regard as fellow diaspora, “scattered seed,” remnants from the great dispersion of the seed of Abraham. Below is a sample of correspondence to a prospective believer who aspired to the knowledge of the restoration of the Name.

We have found that many natives in this land are receptive to the Hebrew Name of the Almighty Father and the Name of Messiah, because their native names also portray an attribute of identity. The Name is accepted as preferred to generic nomenclature, and far superior to pagan deity substitution. The Scriptures* serve as our foremost carrier in outreach, reinforcing the accurate & authentic Word of identity in thousands of instances, all in one binding.

*The Scriptures by the Institute of Scripture Research, ISBN 0-9585045-4-7

. . . below is a sample correspondence which was sent last year ~ it serves as an “apologetic” word of explanation of a portion of the message of Narrow Gate-

One of Fulton’s assistants was Nick, who took an interest in the restoration of the Name. Below is intro-information that was sent to him yesterday.

Hi Nick, I believe that I had just explained to another, earlier this morning, that the message which I present is so unfamiliar or foreign that “ephphatha” must be supplied in order to be seen, heard, perceived — that is: one can be certain that insight was granted if the hearer or listener got it ! ephphatha inspired of Mark 7:34

Remember the passage, “Woe to you scribes and pharisees’ (learned) . . . you would not enter, yet you did hinder those trying to enter . . . you took away the Key of Knowledge. Luke 11:52

We who come early, coexist with those who will come, and at the restoration of all things, foremost of things, will be the restoration of the Name. It is Good to come early, but the restoration is accomplished in accordance to order >> 1Cor15:23.

I was given favour in my upbringing among several generations of ancestors. They were progenitours who had not forgotten their roots, so the hearing and seeing came early through oral and recorded history. The Couroyers knew that they were the seed of Abraham, and the Good news is : most of the people in this world are of the seed (either directly or having been comingled). Remember what was promised our forefather . . . “by your seed the nations shall be blessed.” The diaspora or “scattered ones” were greatly dispersed in a dispersion which has seen the seed scattered over all the earth. There are Hebrew Yisra’elites everywhere. Some know, some are awakening, others are waiting.

This is a time of the generation to come, a generation who seek His face (you will soon receive the litany compilation of the generation to be born, but here is a ref. and this is the meaning). Tehillim (psalm) 24:6 . . . This is the generation of those who seek Him; Ya’aqob (Jacob), who seek Your Face. Selah. The One Who would come to be known as the Messiah talked with Moshe (Moses) face to face, and He knew Moshe by name. The generation to come (indeed we are here) is going to be equipped for “such a time as this.” They are favoured to be the recipients of this heightened intimacy and close dependency upon the Rock of Refuge. They will be hidden in the Rock and covered by His Wings. This was foreseen and inspired of the Hymn . . . Rock of Ages Cleft for me Let me hide myself in Thee. It is depicted in a prior example in Scripture : Shemoth (exodus) 33:12-23. The generation to come will know His Name ! They had better, because they are sealed with It and they see His Face as foretold in Revelation 22:4, as well as a few other citations. The coming generation will perceive His Name . . . Rev 2:17 & 3:12. Just as there is “power in the Blood” so too is there “power in the Name.”

Why did the Name have to be taken away ? We could not have the great falling away without the suppression of the ability of His people to make powerful petition. The changing of the Name is the Key & strategic-force-multiplier of the tribulation force. The Reformation was not sufficient, but it shall require the Restoration. Therefore, My people will know My Name in that Day . . . Yeshayahu (isaiah) 52:6. In Narrow Gate we call this Restoration . . . returning to the Source of Origin, foreknown in Yeshayahu 30:15b “In returning and rest you are saved, in stillness and trust is your strength.” The Restoration and Returning is important to the coming generation because they have forded muddied streams in arriving to this desire, foretold in Yehezqel (ezekiel) 34:14-24.

Here is a good debating point that should be applicable to secular and spiritual, alike. In the rules governing most western or “romance” languages, indeed in many languages of the world, it is proper not to translate the proper nouns, but to transliterate the names of people and places. Thus, one would say or write Leonardo da Vinci, rather than Leonard of Venice; Giuseppe Verde, not Joseph Green. The native spelling, as well as pronunciation, are retained in the case of the proper nouns. So, too, should Yahushua be used in reference to the Son of the Almighty, a Hebrew spelling and pronunciation.

But wasn’t it the Hebrews who declared the Name ineffable ? Yes, and the telling of that is quite revealing. This was done in captivity, a captivity that was permitted because of disobedience. In the occultic influence of heathen nations, such as Babylon, the Talmudic and Kabbalah* concepts were first formed. A remnant escaped this form of mass deception. The mass of the people were plundered of the knowledge of the Source of their belief — the Key of Knowledge was taken away. By the just petition of Nehemiah and Ezra the remnant returned and restored, the Almighty provided a way of escape for those who remained His people . . . good subject to come: those written in the heavens, as opposed to those written in the earth. plundered- Yeshayahu 42:22

In closing, Nick, this insistence on the use of the Name is not exclusive. The use of the Name, providentially, awaits all when every knee bows and every tongue confesses (Philippians 2:10,11 & Yeshayahu 45:23). All believers will be blessed by the Name by which men must be saved. But, this does not ignore the fact that, as believers, we adore the most righteous and equitable and fair Entities (Father & Son) that we shall ever come to know. The work of Narrow Gate was given the correct perspective after we were informed that it was not our job to convince, we were merely to present, and what a relief that was. There is One sufficient to convince. It begins through hearing, and hearing by the Word. The Power and Wisdom of the Almighty is in His Name. Like the Treasure in the field for which a man goes and sells all that he has, the Key to the Reign is like the Pearl of great price. And, it is the intent of Narrow Gate to remember that a man can receive nothing Good lest it come down from above . . . that really keeps the mission in the proper perspective ! ref. Yohanan 3:27 “No man is able to receive any unless it is given to him from the heaven.”

We have become adept in apologetics in this mission. One criticism we have to address is that our message is “sacred name” theology. We believe that the “sacred name” disciplines largely came about to discredit the remnant believers as they return to the Source of Origin. Too many of the “sacred name” organizations**are dogmatic and judgmental, in that pronunciation & diction are over emphasized, more concerned with “being there” than with returning. It is our belief that mankind probably will not get all of his assignment completed, and that messengers (angels), themselves, will announce the pertinent and necessary truth prior to the fall of the Wrath of the Almighty . . . see Rev 14:6-13.

Will be sending more soon. We would like to address the alignment of favour or grace, and compassion or mercy, to calling and of being chosen. Our petition is for you, Mike

* Not referring to the formal compilation of the Kabbalah, but to antithetical formation of concept
** This criticism is not intended as applicable to the Pennsylvania organization that publishes The_Sacred_Name_Broadcaster